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GEMS UniConnect Pavilion

The March 2020 edition of the UAE Global Education Fairs will feature the GEMS Uni-Connect Pavilion comprising of over 20 GEMS Partner universities and educational institutions from the UAE and abroad.

This is an amazing opportunity for students to explore a wide range of courses at universities in the UAE and across the world. For those students studying at a GEMS School, you will also be able to discover the incredible scholarship opportunities available at institutions through the GEMS UniConnect program.

Parents who are looking for a high school for their child will also able to meet senior GEMS admissions personnel to discuss various GEMS schools and curriculums options offered by GEMS.

During the event, visitors can participate in an extensive program of seminars about admissions requirements, tests required (such as the SAT) and advantages of studying in the UAE and abroad. These take place every 30 minutes in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Global Education Fairs.

All seminars are open to the general public.

Education in Ireland

The UAE Global Education Fairs March 2020 will be supported by Education in Ireland, while some of Ireland’s strongest higher education institutions will be present.

As an English-speaking country on the western edge of Europe, Ireland has a well-earned reputation for the warmth of its welcome and for providing a safe and supportive environment to those who choose to study there.

By international standards, Ireland is amongst the safest and most stable countries in the world, and features in the Top Twenty in the Global Peace Index 2019. Ireland is a country that embodies creativity, agility and a pioneering spirit to deliver education that creates graduates with the unique skills and qualifications for the world today.

Ireland has a centuries‑old tradition of educational excellence. Today, graduates from Irish universities are welcomed by employers in every industry and in every corner of the globe. A degree from an Irish Higher Education Institution is a fast‑track to opportunity – wherever you choose to work and live in future years.

Ireland is also the home to the brightest and best global corporations and is a destination of choice for most every global corporation that wants to establish a headquarters in Europe. The exceptionally skilled workforce and graduate pool are uniquely positioned to access the opportunities the Irish business ecosystem creates.

Study in India

India is fast becoming a study abroad destination for international students with a phenomenal landscape for students compared to most countries because of the sheer number of options of both institutions and courses. This combined with the rise of Indian universities in international rankings means it attracts a lot of non-resident Indians and GCC residents. India’s universities are particularly marked by their strong performance in engineering, technology and science.

Students who graduate from Indian universities know they will be ideally placed to take advantage of the vast number of business opportunities not only internationally but in India too as it continues to grow. Visit the India Pavilion at the Global Education Fairs to meet with top Indian universities and be part of the success India enjoys on the global stage.

Education in Malaysia

Malaysia has several internationally recognised higher education institutions, as well as many international branch campuses of respected overseas universities. This has allowed students to obtain a well-respected yet more affordable degree based in a country renowned for its natural beauty and diversity. There is also a strong relationship between the UAE and Malaysia with graduates from both countries in key positions.

Consequently, an increasing number of parents and students are choosing to study at Malaysian universities. Normally, you would need to carry out extensive research on the internet and perhaps even visit the institutions personally before deciding where to study. However, this week, leading Malaysian universities will be participating in the UAE Global Education Fairs.